Digital Safety - Tracking - Rescue Systems

100% global. Powered by Iridium.

Calls for help even if you can't!

  • Complete tracking systems for Asset Monitoring, Personal Safety, and LiveTracking Events. On request with active safety monitoring with automatic deadman switch, Dynamic Geofences and much more. 100% global coverage.

  • SmartSafety complete systems for all outdoor sports. Tailored to your needs.

  • PLBs integrated into global or dedicated rescue chains. With comfortable satellite-based rescue navigation. For local and global SAR (Search and Rescue) missions.

  • Satellite tracker & GSM tracker with built-in communication for individuals, groups and institutions - for hire and purchase

  • Satellite communication without a fixed contract period. Activate by week, month or year.
  • NEW in the B2B area: pay-per-day
  • Waterproof radio training systems with built-in security and interference-free Bluetooth radio.

The InReach Experts since 2013.

  • For individualists: The perfect tool for all outdoor athletes who are breaking new ground. Ideal for expeditions, paragliders, adventurers, water sports, mountaineers, hikers ... PROTEGEAR SmartSafety. Always safe!

  • For the Global Office: The Most Affordable Satellite Email with 100% Global Coverage - On Water and Land!
    PROTEGEAR GlobalMail
  • For the sports business: The solution for all sports centers that want to offer their customers more security:
    PROTEGEAR Safety for Outdoor & WaterSports

  • For infrastructure providers: The solution for all companies that want to monitor their customers, fleets, aircraft, yachts etc: PROTEGEAR VesselTracking

  • For event organizers: PROTEGEAR LiveEvents. The unique LiveTracking tool to bring their competition close to their viewers. Real-time tracking with LiveRanking, customizable, for Web & TV. Whether GSM, satellite or hybrid, including emergency call function.

For local and global SAR operations.

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