FAQ for your InReach

Can I send any SMS to the mobile network?

Each device has a dynamically assigned international mobile number that allows it to exchange SMS messages in both directions (but only from mobile phones that previously received an SMS from this InReach!). Emails and SMS can be created via the SE- and Explorer buttons on the device or - in both versions - via Bluetooth via iPhone and Android Phone.


How can they respond to my InReach-SMS?

By email (via GlobalMail) or SMS with international mobile phone number. The mobile phone number of the Inreach device is allocated dynamically and can only be accessed by mobile phones that have previously received a message from the InReach device themselves. Telephone calls are not possible!

Can I also use the device as a data modem for my tablet? Via Bluetooth?

No, only emails are possible, but also via Bluetooth pairing in a separate app on the Iphone or Android Phone.

How can the device be charged?

Inreach SE / Explorer: The battery is firmly installed, comes with a USB cable that can be connected to any USB charging adapter / laptop etc.

Inreach for Mobile: 2 AA batteries are supplied (Li-Ion), they can also be replaced by standard AA alkaline batteries or NiMh batteries. This only requires a change of the battery profile on the device.


The InReach SE / Explorer stops responding (no power up possible - screen stays black) even though it is fully charged?

For a soft reset press the X-key and the down-arrow key simultaneously for at least 10 seconds, release and then switch on normally (press and hold the hook key).


Will a message poll be calculated even if no message is received?


Since the InReach firmware 2.7, there is the possibility in messaging to set a shorter or even "permanent" polling of messages (via menu "Settings" / "Messages"). In the default setting, an interval of 20 minutes is specified here, so that new messages may only be loaded onto the device every 20 minutes. Please note: The manual "Check" function on the device is calculated by DeLorme / Iridium with a 10-byte usage - even if there is no message - while every preset message interval (also "continuous") does not cause any further costs ( only the transmission of a new message is billed).


How does email sending & receiving work?


Starting in September 2015, we will provide a real and stand-alone email address (ProteGear GlobalMail) for all our Freedom-term customers, turning InReach into a global office tool. Sending and receiving e-mails incl. Receipt of automatic forwarding (the "normal" e-mail address). More here!


What happens when the SOS button is pressed?


The SOS Button is already ready for use in our Freedom rates. Upon actuation, an emergency call goes to GEOSalliance.com, which in turn assigns the rescue to the nearest local rescue center.

The emergency contacts that are deposited in his web account are mainly used to clarify the circumstances, companions, equipment, etc. to possibly adjust the rescue measures. However, it is not mandatory that these people are contacted by GEOS beforehand. The cost of such a rescue can be covered by a variety of insurances (starting at US $ 18 / year), which can be completed through us directly or through http://www.geosalliance.com/!

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