ProteGear Freedom - Dataplans for InReach @ VerreWeg

Available for all InReach device versions from all sources
(Garmin, DeLorme USA, used, etc.)

To activate your InReach device, you need a data plan to connect to the Iridium satellite network. The billing takes place monthly in advance via SEPA direct debit or by credit card. Overage charges (exceeding the free volume) is subsequently billed.


Additional ProteGear services (compared / in addition to GARMIN / DeLorme plans):

  • Including Globalmail: true 2-way email address for your InReach, turns it into a global office tool, including automatic forwarding from your usual email address.
  • Activate by month,by week or by day*
  • TripShare / TripView: Individual live tracking pages with statistics, AGL (height above ground) and much more. 
  • Short Tracking Intervals * 30 sec / 1 min / 2 min ...
  • LiveTracking and LiveRanking* for competitions with automatic evaluation (e.g, AGL) and Logs by KML/GPX/IGC
  • SmartSafety*: Calls for help even if you can't
  • High-Res Weatherservice by
  • REST-API*  (* depending on dataplan)
  • no minimum contract period
  • includes all Services too!


General limitations for all types of Iridium devices (as currently known):

For use in Russia registration necessary on Usage in India not officially allowed, but technically possible. Germany-Cologne / Bonn: Within a radius of 50 km around the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy, satellite communication is not possible due to instructions by the Federal Network Agency.

ProteGear Tracking - Flatrate

The new data plans V.2018 are focused on tracking & emergency call for outdoor sports

  • No activation fee
  • Unlimited tracking points in Tariffs Tracking & Extreme
  • Activate by week or by month
  • Iridium satellite communications starting at € 14.95 per active month
  • No standby fee - simply put the device in standby mode when not in use.
  • No minimum contract period
  SOS Tracking WEEK Tracking MONTH Extreme WEEK Extreme MONTH
Period (independent of calendar weeks / months) 30 Days 7 Days 30 Days 7 Days

30 Days

Tracking-Intervall minimum manually 10 min 10 min 5 min 5 min
Tracking-Points included 10 unlimited** unlimited** unlimited** unlimited**
SOS included unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
PRESET messages included unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Price per active period in EURO € 14,95 € 13,95 € 39,95 € 29,95

€ 99

Standby-Price per period in EURO € 0 € 0 € 0 € 0 € 0
SMS/Email*/Weather included per period 10 15 60 200


additional SMS/Email/Weather € 0,80 € 0,50 € 0,50 € 0,10

€ 0,10

additional Tracking points € 0,80 -- -- --


All Services
MapShare / EarthMate App
inkl. inkl. inkl. inkl.


GlobalMail / TripShare inkl. inkl. inkl. inkl.


SmartSafety per period (cancel anytime)
+ Alarm-SMS each € 0,09
n/a € 3,95 € 9,95 € 3,95

€ 9,95

Annual fee for all tariffs € 79 including activation and setup.

The term is extended automatically until an end date has been set on this page.

* Email & SMS are received and sent 50 characters each

** Fares are not suitable for shipping and other 24-hour activities.

Freedom Plans for InReach

 ... Freedom 100 Freedom 200
(most popular)
Freedom 500
Freedom 800
Freedom 1200
Freedom 2000 EXTREME
Minimum Contract Period

1 month

Monthly Fee when active Eur 18,95 Eur 23,95 Eur 34,95 Eur 39,95
Eur 47,95
Eur 67,95 Eur 99
StandBy Fee Eur 0
Basic Subscription Fee Eur 79 / year (each 365 days starting on setup date)
Using area Global / worldwide
ExchangeRate Adaption

may be applicable below USD-EUR-Rate 1:1

One-time activation fee Eur 0
Upgrade to higher data plan

free of charge, every day possible

Change to and from StandBy

free of charge, every day possible

Downgrade to lower DataPlan


Eur 25, anytime

SOS-Message (incl. GEOS Connection*) unlimited
All functions of (zB MapShare) included
Earthmate-App Navigation (iOS & Android) included
ProteGear GlobalMail (unique Email-adress per device) Activation included
Usage per email: as per below (50 chars = 1 unit)
ProteGear WeatherInfo free of charge / only 3-4 message units needed
Message Units: Tracking point each 1 / Preset-Message each 1 / Email/SMS each 50 chars (send & receive)
Unused units will not be transferred to the following period.
Message Units included per month







(shorter intervals consume more datas and battery)

choose freely from 10 min to 8 hours

choose freely from 30 sec to 8 hours

5 min or longer

overage fees per unit Eur 0,45 Eur 0,20 Eur 0,10
Eur 0,10
Eur 0,10

Eur 0,10

not for tracking


ProteGear SmartSafety 
with automatic dead-man-switch


starting from Eur 9,95 / month (+ SMS alarms)


* Note to SOS function / GEOS: connection and use the GEOS rescue center is included. Any actually incurred rescue costs (helicopter use etc) are not included. GEOS offers independent insurance that can be completed directly or with us!


** Unused units and can not be transferred to the following month!

*** FairUse Policy: For more then 1000 emails / SMS per month there will be a charge of EUR 0,10 / message (send or receive)

Order Data Plan ProteGear for InReach

Order to activate ProteGear Tariffs Tracking 2018.

Data plan with possibility to change - per accounting period (7 or 30 days). (Downgrade Eur 29). Annual fee Eur 79.

Unused units will not be transferred to the next period.

At order only the 1st month is  being charged. A SEPA direct debit or credit card will be used for the annual fee, follow-up months and any overdraft fees, please indicate the IBAN and BIC or credit card details at the end of the ordering process.


A change from existing ProteGear contracts please make here!


After ordering please do not log in on, you will automatically receive an access by email. Data protection policy for all InReach Services can be found here.

14,95 €

  • Available

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