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Rent inReach incl. Data Plan

InReach rental incl. data plan

You can choose between these models


* GARMIN InReach Mini is the mini version that can do everything except display topographic maps

* GARMIN GPSMAP66i is the most convenient GPS tracking device, with topographic maps, navigation function, now with built-in InReach technology

* GARMIN GPSMAP86i is the marine version of this, floatable, with marine maps, navigation feature, now with built-in InReach technology

* GARMIN Montana 750i is the outdoor navigation device including TopoActive Maps Europe with touchscreen, InReach satellite communication and 8 MP camera !


All models also store external GPS tracks and can therefore also be used as navigator. In addition, position data can be stored offline and read out without contact to the satellite. Furthermore, the device includes new sensors for barometric altitude measurement, digital compass and position measurement. Also existing GPX / KMZ and KML data can be imported (and exported) into the device! They can also be paired via Bluetooth to Iphone, Ipad, as well as Android smartphones from version 2.2 to use the full range of SMS and email functionality. 

Detailed description GPSMAP66i here. Detailed description InReach Mini here.  Detailed description MONTANA 750i here


Information about the included Freedom 500 plan here!


Rental conditions: The basic rental period is 30 days. For billing of additional extension periods or data fees (overage fees), a SEPA direct debit bank account or credit card is required. The contract or billing will be deactivated upon receipt of the return. For each subsequent day beyond the ordered period, 1/30 of the monthly price will be billed on a daily basis. Final invoice will be issued after return.


Please order rental equipment as early as possible (even months in advance!), as only a limited contingent is available!


Please indicate delivery date when ordering.

Recommendation: Delivery date three working days before departure.

The device is functional from the date of delivery.



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