ProteGear TripShare

The convenient tracking map solution

ProteGear TripShare always shows your current position live with up-to-date stats.... public or private.


What is ProteGear TripShare?

TripShare combines map and event services for different tracking systems in a 100% smartphone/tablet compatible interface. The simplest feature is "tripView", this displays the current position of your InReach with history & statistics. 


Current TripShare features:


RealTime Coverage

Individually configurable additional information visible permanently or on click

Live statistics on min/max/avg/current for speed and altitude

Graphical display of covered distance or altitude profiles

Individually configurable info popups and tracking lines

Group option to track many devices on one page

Integration of various tracker sources & hardware possible, e.g. SPOT, InReach, MT90, P99, Flymaster

connection to website, smartphones, tablets, TV

free of charge for ProteGear Freedom customers

NEW with TimeLine function for automatic or manual replay of your tracks

NEW with vertical speed display (if supplied by tracker)

NEW with current display of altitude above ground level (AGL)

On request automatic daily statistics via KML/GPX file.

Direct download of the GPX file for freely selectable time periods, for all or a specific device of a TripView.

and much more! 



What else is possible?


Besides the single display and the system for events (incl. LiveRanking), the system can also be addressed from outside via REST-API and thus e.g. take over the event/location from any other trackers or system and display them together.


Review and tracks can be displayed for the last 12, 24, 48 hours or 7 days.



GPX Export: Export all or single tracks via GPX or link them via URL to other websites (e.g.

GPX export must be enabled/locked before under TripShare -> EditYourTrips.




To install in your website as iFrame:


<iframe src=""></iframe>




Additional parameters when calling a TripView URL

(at the end of


Parameter/Example Function
&track=all  shows all tracks since start time of TripView
&track=IMEI1,IMEI2,... shows only the traces of the specified IMEI numbers
&info=all launches the TripView web page with all info popups displayed
&info=IMEI1,IMEI2,... starts the TripView web page with the info
&zoom=6 opens a certain zoom level around a virtual polygon of all last coordinates
&devices=1 show left devices panel or =0 (default)
&timeline=1 show global timeline= or =0 (default)
&hidetitle=1 do not show the title, only the menu icon) or =0 (default)
&since=PTxxH shows back data only for xx hours before calling the page


On request with daily sending of the current evaluation as KML file, e.g. for Google Earth.

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