Protegear GlobalMail

100% Global Email Communication & Information Services


ProteGear offers real and completely independent email addresses for every InReach, GPSMAP66i/86i and A*LIVE for all term contracts. This makes global email communication possible for the first time at a uniform, low cost in the remotest corners of the earth, on all oceans and even the poles: 100% Global!

ProteGear GlobalMail Features:


Real email address for 2-way communication (e.g.

Forwarding of any emails to the InReach/GPSMAP66i/86i and A*LIVE possible, processing and replying directly on the device or conveniently on the smartphone (paired via Bluetooth)

Length limitation to 50, 160 or more characters possible (messages are transmitted divided into 160 characters each)

HTML stripping (transmission of pure text to reduce data)

Any configurable whitelist/blacklist to reject unwanted emails

Automatic CC forwarding to a "normal" email address possible.  Delivery even when the device is switched off!

Spam filter

These functions are exclusively available for our customers. 


Note for InReach users: The email address displayed in the InReach portal and in the device can be used for a direct communication between 2 InReach devices



Infoservices Wiki & News

Wikipedia: Send a keyword to for free* to access the world's largest library anytime, anywhere. In a few minutes, the summary of your keyword from Wikipedia will appear on your device.




News: Send a keyword to for free* to get the latest news from Google News.

*consumes data from included volume






Basic: Message to (with 1 character).

6 h Intverall, 24 h preview - temperature, precipitation - 0,19 € per retrieval

Premium: message to (with 1 character)

3 h interval, 72 h preview - temperature, precipitation, wind, cloudiness - 2,90 € per recall

More info about weather here...


Configuration GlobalMail

For changes to the current configuration (default value: 160 characters, no filters) or setup of an additional desired address please go to

and there to TRIPSHARE, then GLOBALMAIL


Signatures, quotes from previous mail traffic, HTML elements are generally not transmitted.

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